Remanufactured Finishing Equipment
Remanufactured Finishing Equipment Remanufactured Finishing Equipment

Remanufactured Finishing Equipment

Finishing Systems is the industry leader in remanufactured finishing equipment. 
We have more than 37 years experience in the design and building of high-performing,
high-throughput finishing systems that make use of remanufactured equipment,
and save buyers hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

FSI supplies remanufactured finishing equipment for powder coating, autodeposition,
as well as combination lines that use powder over e-coat, or powder over autodep. 
Most remanufactured finishing equipment lines are turnkey, and include cleaning
and pretreatment, material handling, dry off and cure ovens and controls.  
Another benefit:  often, remanufactured finishing equipment lines can be
completed and commissioned in less time than systems that are limited to
all-new modules and components.

Remanufactured finishing equipment is an excellent, cost-effective alternative
for companies who want well-engineered systems, and warranty protection,
without the new system cost.

Talk with FSI about remanufactured finishing equipment that
meet your needs and budget. 

Included are powder coating systems, ecoat systems, mild and
stainless steel washers and air make-up systems.
We also supply, on a stand-alone or package basis, batch and
continuous cure ovens, burn-off ovens, and a broad range of
material handling, including inverted power and free conveyors,
monorails, programmable hoists and square transfer systems.

If Your Needs Say "New" – But Your Budget Says "Used" –
Your Search Finishes Here!

Remanufactured Finishing Equipment